Why should you train with Vibrant Fit?

I started Vibrant Fit five years ago to help people get into amazing shape. I was a heavily overweight software tester who struggled to consistently get trim. When I discovered that there is no right way but only that everyone is different, this was revolutionary for me. My job at the time taught me that if you test and measure the inputs you can predict the outcome. Then you test what happens in real life. I decided to try the same with myself. I tested my fat%, muscle, blood sugar, DNA. Gut and lots of other inputs. Once I measured these, I could track what food/exercise made a difference or not. I now use this approach for all my clients with amazing results.

Coaching that works

Ask Bruce … and Matt … and Sam … and Joanne

My goal is simple – to use a combination of optimum nutrition and lifestyle changes to help you improve your health and your emotional wellbeing.
In short – to live your best life ever!
I’ve helped hundreds of people to get their energy back, tolook good in the mirror again and to feel happy.

This was the experience of just a handful of them –

  • Bruce lost 14kg of fat and now looks great.
  • Matt was an ex-rugby player who got injured. He has now lost 21kg
  • Sam cleared up skin conditions and lost 8kg of fat
  • Joanne lost 9kg and can see her abs

…still not convinced

Here’s what the other gyms do and what I do

Personalised exercise Personalised nutrition coaching Accountability Body fat/muscle testing Gut/chronic inflammation/hormone testing Fitness Community to help you Trackable and gamified exercise Price
Bootcamp No – you in a big group No Kind of. No No Yes No £30-40 a month. No end date
Mainstream gym No – maybe an online generic plan No No Low quality domestic grade No Some do No £20-30 a month. No end date
Personal Trainer Yes Usually no Yes Very rarely. Maybe a tape measure or callipers which are totally inaccurate No Some do No £25-£70 a session. No end dates.
Nutritionist No No. They tell you what to eat No No No £50 a session. No end date or testing
Dietician No No. They tell you what to eat No No No £50 a session. No end date or testing
Vibrant Fit Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Starting from £79 every 4 weeks.

We’ve totally rewritten the rule book on how to get fit.

  • A programme based on your individual test results. This is end-dated to give you measurable, costed solution. This is totally results-based. If you commit you will smash your goals!
  • Weekly testing to check that you are on track and see how far you are away from your goal. No more open-ended personal training/gym contracts with no end dates!!
  • We don’t tell you what to eat. We help you eliminate the foods that stop you from losing weight. You become educated in nutrition and then set up for life.
  • Equipment that actually tracks your exercise and doesn’t injure you unlike weights which only really exercise part of your muscle. You will get an email of your personal bests and progress to date
  • Cardio kit that works to your body’s limits and will shred fat and increase your metabolism
  • Testing kit that measures your actual metabolism rather than an online calculator that everyone else uses. Once you know how many calories you should be consuming you can create a food programme that shreds fat rather than burning bone & muscle
  • Gut testing that identifies chronic inflammation (this makes you fat!!)
  • Boxing kit that measures your accuracy, power, speed and puts you in a leaderboard!
  • Plus, many more tests that help you get into shape faster