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Weight loss coaching in Milton Keynes & online via Zoom

How good would it feel to be full of energy and enjoy the beach without feeling self-conscious about your body?

Are you struggling with excess weight?

Fed up with weight loss quick fixes?

We specialise in helping people who struggle to stick to a weight-loss plan and have had dramatic sustainable results with our clients in our Milton Keynes weight loss programme and online via Zoom. Our science-led approach to weight loss combines nutrition and mindset coaching, with a science-led exercise programme.

Do you feel perpetually tired and fat? Do you wish you knew what to eat? Need help to learn how to lose weight and stay healthy?

Say goodbye to YoYo dieting forever

Perhaps you’ve decided that you need a weight loss programme that’s both genuine and sustainable – one that you’ll be able to stick with. After all, the impact on your self-esteem, when you lose fat and then put it back on again, can be devastating and demoralising. You feel low and wonder why you’d bothered at all.

How did you get on with the big name weight loss brands such as Weight watchers, Slimming World, Keto, Vegan? They didn’t work long-term, did they? You’re not alone. Millions of people around the world go through the same experience as you.

Unfortunately, many of these programmes fail to account for the fact that none of us are the same. We all have different body shapes. We’re different ages and genders. We have different metabolisms and different lifestyles.

We’ll work with you and find out all that’s needed to set you on a fat loss programme that’s right for you. Just imagine how good it would feel to lose that weight permanently. Imagine too the long-lasting health benefits of being your natural weight.

The good news is we can help

Do you wish you could fit into your favourite clothes?

Our online nutrition coaching will help you get your weight to the level that’s healthy for you. You’ll find yourself looking good and feeling great! We’ll achieve this with a holistic approach – looking at the whole ‘you’ – nutrition, exercise, work-life and home life.

You’ll find working with us is enjoyable. We understand the psychology of exercise and nutrition. We understand lifestyles and the pressures that we’re all under to look a certain way. We’ve been there! In the long run, working with us will cost you less, get you there quicker and, most important, our fat loss programmes are sustainable. Stick with us and you’ll stick with the plan!

Fat loss programmes in Milton Keynes … or across the globe!

Do you live in Milton Keynes? Excellent – come along and join us for face-to-face sessions in our COVID safe studio in Old Wolverton, Milton Keynes. Or do you live further afield? No problem. Wherever you live, we can work together online.

Milton Keynes 1-2-1 + Online Zoom Coaching

Science-led revolutionary fat burning programme

Fat loss programmes in Milton Keynes for clients located near us include sessions on the CAR.OL exercise bike, Valor kit and eGym computerised fat burning and strengthening equipment. Not located near us and looking for an online programme? No problem, we can help you get your own CAR.OL bike and Valor kit, and coach you via Zoom.

If we can do it, so can you

Weight Loss Success Stories

Darren used to weigh 17 stone and smoked heavily. Following a 'wake-up call' brush with his health needing a hospital visit, he decided to change his life and get in shape. He hired a Triathlon coach and eventually represented Team GB at the Duathlon World Championships in New Zealand, finishing 37th in the World for his age group.

Darren Pyefinch Team GB Duathlon
Before & after Joanne lost 10.5 kilos of fat
Joanne asked me to help her get into shape and get her energy back. She started at 75kg and is now down to 63.5kg. She lost 10.5kg!
/ Accountant
Matt before & after fat loss
Matt used to play rugby at high level but got injured. He wanted to get back to his old self. He started at 123kg and is now 102kg. This is a 3 stone drop!
/ Rugby Player


Bruce was a regular gym goer, but his waistline was still expanding. Vibrant Fit helped him lose 14kg, while get fitter and lifting more weights.


Sam cleared up a problem skin condition and lost 2 stones of fat with an improved diet and exercise.
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Average weight lost
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Reduced Body Fat
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Increased muscle mass

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