Online Personal Training

Friendly | Effective | Safe

So you’ve decided that today’s the day.
The day you take your first step towards turning your life around.
The day that you kick-start your

Running Coaching
Weight Loss Programme
Nutrition programme

There’s just one problem – there’s no-one nearby with the experience and know-how to set you on the right path … and keep you there.

Except – it isn’t a problem at all.

Simply follow your chosen fitness, weight-loss or nutrition programme from home!

Online programmes can be just as effective as face-to-face appointments … and, with no travelling, they save you time. I’ll still give you all the guidance, support and motivation you need. I’ll keep you accountable too. All this, without you having to get the car out.

Personal Training online – the world has changed

The days of big gyms with banks of sweaty equipment are gone.
Where are you going to get fit?
You could try an outdoor bootcamp. They’re great but again – is there are good one nearby? Anyway, will you get bespoke results with 20 other people? Unlikely.
Do they test your fat, muscle and other metrics related to health?
Again – probably not.
Do they advise on nutrition that fits your lifestyle?
Same again. They’ll probably give you the same advice. Eat Chicken and rice or go low-carb.

Personal Training – getting you where you want to be

You and I both know – that advice alone isn’t going to get you where you want to be. But this iswhere online personal training comes in. Working together online, you and I can do all that you need to get you feeling and looking great!

We all have different

  • DNA
  • food likes and dislikes
  • gut health
  • natural body shapes
  • goals
  • lifestyles
  • motivation triggers

I’ll let you into a secret … but keep it to yourself …

There’s no single right diet or exercise plan.

You need what works for you, not other people.

I’ve helped hundreds of people get their energy back, look good in the mirror and feel happy.

Online personal trainer … across the globe!

Do you live in Milton Keynes? Great – you can come into the studio for one-on-one run personal training. Do you live further afield? That’s fine too. Wherever you live, we’ll work together online. Using Zoom, our comprehensive online programmes will help you get into shape in no time – sending your energy soaring, leaving you looking good, feeling good and running great!

Sustainable online personal training

You’ll find that working with me is enjoyable. I understand the psychology of nutrition,exercise and fitness. Iunderstand motivation too. Believe me – I’ve been there! Read my story.

In the long run, working with me will cost you less. Together we’ll get you where you want to be – safely. My online personal training programmes are sustainable.Stick with me and you’ll stick with the plan!


Let’s talk personal training

There’s no better time to turn around your approach to getting fit and losing weight.

In a matter of a week or two, you’ll be seeing and feeling the difference.

Just imagine how good that will be!

So – get in touch. Let’s talk about how you’re feeling now and where you want to get to.