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So you’ve decided that today’s the day. The day you take the first step towards turning your life around. The day you kick-start your journey to improved fitness and body shape.

Getting your body where you want it to be

Face-to-face + online fitness coaching

If you wouldn’t be seen dead in a crowded sweaty gym and aren’t necessarily interested in getting a 6-pack (well maybe 😊) but do want to lose weight and get fit, we’ve got the right personal training programme for you, delivered either online, or face to face in Milton Keynes. How does a 4 stone drop sound? While a 1 stone weight drop is more typical, this is what one of our clients achieved already.

Our personal fitness training programmes will help you get into shape in no time, sending your energy soaring, leaving you looking good and feeling great - even in your lunch break!

executive fat burn on CAR.OL exercise bike

Science-led personal training tailored to you

Do you live in Milton Keynes? Great, come into the studio Wolverton Mill for one-on-one personal training. Do you live further afield? That’s fine too. Wherever you live, we’ll work together face-to-face, or online using Zoom. Together we’ll get you where you want to be, safely.

You’ll find working with our head coach Darren, is both effective, and enjoyable. Darren understands the psychology of nutrition, exercise, fitness, and motivation too. He’s been there and even has the Team GB Tshirt! No matter your age, gender, weight, or current fitness level, we’ll help you succeed in losing those inches, even if you’ve failed before, or been YOYO dieting due to weight gain as soon as you let your guard down.

There’s never been a better time to turn around your approach to getting fit and losing weight. In a matter of a week or two, you’ll be seeing and feeling the difference. Just imagine how good that will feel! In the long run, working with Vibrant Fit will cost you less.

Our 1-2-1 and group online personal training programmes are sustainable. Stick with us and you’ll stick with the plan! Don’t hesitate to get in touch. Let’s talk about how you’re feeling now and where you want to get to, whether it is Running Coaching, Weight Loss Programme, Nutrition programme, or fitness training in the studio or online.

You’ll feel healthier and happier for good!

Face to face versus online personal training - the next 'big thing' in personal training - because the world has changed

Female doing personal training exercise

The days of big sweaty gyms are gone

If not in a gym, then where and how are you going to get fit? Outdoor bootcamps can be great, but is there are good one near you, and will you get bespoke results in a group with 20 other people? You’ll get better results with a smaller group, or even better, 1-2-1 training.

Online personal fitness programmes can be just as effective as face-to-face training. And not being located near a trainer is no longer a problem with online exercise training. Simply follow your chosen fitness programme from home! All this, without having to get the car out. And, with no travelling, they save you time.

The trick is finding the right online PT for you – one with the experience and know-how to set you on the right path to weight loss and fitness, and keep you there. Ask, do they advise on nutrition that fits you and your lifestyle, or do they all just give you the same advice to eat chicken and rice, or go low-carb.

The Vibrant Fit approach is different

There’s no single right diet or exercise plan. You need what works for you, not other people. We all have different DNA, food likes and dislikes, gut health, natural body shapes, goals, lifestyles and motivation triggers. That’s why, with our face-to-face personal training service in Milton Keynes, we test your fat, muscle and other metrics related to health using a unique science-led equipment.

If you choose our online service, we still ensure we provide the right programme for you – but the method is different. We’ve helped hundreds of people get their energy back, look good in the mirror and feel happy. No matter your age, gender, weight, or current fitness level we’ll help you succeed in losing those inches, even if you’ve failed before, or been YOYO dieting due to weight gain as soon as you let your guard down.

Coaching to help you live your best life ever

Both MK face-to-face and Zoom online PT members get 3 weekly x 20-minute exercise sessions + ongoing nutrition coaching

All the ongoing support & guidance you need

Whether you choose our face-to-face or our online PT service, we give you all the guidance, support and motivation you need, and keep you accountable too. We know that advice alone won’t get you where you want to be. But this is where online personal training shines. Working together online, we can do all that you need to get you feeling and looking great!

All clients have access to science led, personalised diet and nutrition coaching, meentoring and monitoring, designed to support a healthy immune and musculoskeletal system, while you’re losing weight. If you’re an online member, we also advise on exercise equipment for better and quicker results. We can even supply you with the kit you need, at great prices.

The Vibrant Fit Online Personal Training programme is delivered as 3 weekly 20-minute online exercise training sessions designed to burn ft, build strength, stamina and muscle + additional weight loss and nutrition and mindset coaching videos and private online club materials.

Depending on which programme you choose, our virtual online exercise trainings are delivered either as individual, or group sessions via Zoom. Group sessions are kept small to ensure everyone gets the attention they deserve, to optimise your results.

All clients get access to our Private Facebook Group, so you won’t be going it alone either. We’re here for you all the way. You’ll get additional networking style support from your peers and regular ‘virtual challenges’ for our more competitive members.

So, if you want to reduce weight, feel full of energy, transform your body, health, mind and life, let’s get started on achieving your goals now. Our science led / data-driven approach to fat loss and body fitness has already produced some amazing weight loss results and increases in energy and general fitness for our members. Some lost a stone in weight in just 12 weeks. Others carried on to lose even more weight, and continue keep it off long-term.

You’ll feel healthier and happier for good!

If we can do it, so can you

Weight Loss Success Stories

Darren used to weigh 17 stone and smoked heavily. Following a 'wake-up call' brush with his health needing a hospital visit, he decided to change his life and get in shape. He hired a Triathlon coach and eventually represented Team GB at the Duathlon World Championships in New Zealand, finishing 37th in the World for his age group.

Darren Pyefinch Team GB Duathlon
Before & after Joanne lost 10.5 kilos of fat
Joanne asked me to help her get into shape and get her energy back. She started at 75kg and is now down to 63.5kg. She lost 10.5kg!
/ Accountant
Matt before & after fat loss
Matt used to play rugby at high level but got injured. He wanted to get back to his old self. He started at 123kg and is now 102kg. This is a 3 stone drop!
/ Rugby Player


Bruce was a regular gym goer, but his waistline was still expanding. Vibrant Fit helped him lose 14kg, while get fitter and lifting more weights.


Sam cleared up a problem skin condition and lost 2 stones of fat with an improved diet and exercise.
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Average weight lost
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Reduced Body Fat
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Increased muscle mass

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