Online Fitness Training Classes – How it Works

Online Fitness Training
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Online Fitness Training Classes – How it Works

The Why & How of Taking an Online / Virtual Training Fitness Class

Thinking of taking an online / virtual fitness class at home using your phone, tablet or laptop via Zoom, but not sure what’s involved?


COVID has changed the world as we know it for almost every area of our lives. Never has it been more important to look after our health, both in mind and body. Help is at hand with our virtual fitness classes, designed to ensure you don’t pile on the pile on the pounds, or lose your overall fitness.

If you’ve never been into virtual or group fitness classes before, now is the perfect time to start, and who knows, you may find you prefer it to visiting the gym, even after the current lockdowns are over. Three are lots of positives to virtual fitness workout classes; not least it saves you money as you don’t need to get the car out and travel to your normal training place.

Taking a virtual class with a professional fitness coach tends to be much more successful than simply doing exercise workouts on your own. Your coach is there to keep you on track and motivated, making sure you get the best results from your workout. It will ensure you keep to a consistent routine, and are less likely to put your workout off once it’s in your calendar

With Vibrant Fit, you can choose if you want to train alone or in a group, using Zoom (a FREE App) so there’s an option for everyone.


Here are a few tips and best practices for getting set up to take a virtual fitness class at home.

Zoom online virtual fitness class
Zoom online virtual fitness class
  • Your Goal: The most important thing you’ve got to decide is why are you doing the class. Is it because you want to lose fat, get toned, have more energy? You need to combine it with a clear nutrition strategy to make the most out of your time. Exercising alone will not get you the results you want. A decent coach will understand nutrition and help you figure the best approach for you.
  • Viewing Devices: The bigger your viewing device, the better so you can see your coach working out alongside you. If you can stream your workout on your laptop, or a tablet, do it. If you can stream your workout on a smart (Internet enabled) TV, that’s even better.It’s not ideal to try to watch a workout from a tiny phone screen positioned a few feet away from you. The smaller the screen, the closer you’ll need to get up to it, and you may have trouble seeing everything you need to do.
  • Position Matters. Set your viewing device up on an elevated surface, not on the floor, especially for standing work. Placing your device on the floor can cause both neck and movement issues for you. If it’s big enough, try to set up your viewing device at eye level so you don’t need to keep moving it when you transition from standing to floor exercises. If your device is small, you could use a movable coffee table, or invest in a movable stand or tripod if you only have a mobile phone to use.
  • Personal Warm-Up: Even though your virtual class will have a built-in warm-up, it’s always a good idea to spend a few minutes getting your mind and body ready before hand. For example, you could do a little on-the-spot jogging, jumping jacks, hip and shoulder openers, arm swings or side-to-side body bends. You’ll get more out of your class and avoid injury if you’re warm and ready when the class starts.
  • Be Mindful: We highly recommend wearing supportive trainers for any jumping exercises on a typical non-sprung home floor. Don’t go barefoot.
  • Variety & Rest: Depending on your programme, your trainer will ensure you follow a well-rounded exercise regime with scheduled rest days. You should not do the same workout every time you exercise to ensure your body receives the right balanced exercise it needs. This avoids overtraining the same muscles and risking injury.

Interested in joining us for a virtual training session?  Contact us to learn more.

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