I love pudding!

Weight Loss

I love pudding!


I love pudding, sweets, cake and crisps – there I’ve said it! I bet that’s the same for a lot of you too?

There’s nothing wrong with this, but when you are trying to get trim it’s a real pain.

**This is not an-anti pudding rant don’t worry!**

Here’s how I hacked puddings out of my life, apart from special occasions, when I still love them.

1. Find out why you eat them….

There’s lots of reasons why (especially because they really nice).

The real reason is probably to do with inflammatory foods. What the hell are they?

Everyone has different reactions to certain foods.

For example, some people really struggle with garlic. The active ingredients in garlic causes an inflammatory response.

Imagine a bee sting being an 8/10 pain on your body, the body releases hormones to remove the toxins from your body. This is completely natural.

Garlic and other inflammatory foods do this but on much lower response i.e. 1/10. This constant attack on your body though can cause yeast overgrowth in your gut causing cravings for carbs.

The best way to test this is to eat non-inflammatory foods for 2 weeks. These include stuff such as organic lamb/beef, green veg, pumpkin and blueberries.

Get used to the feeling of not having a pudding after your meals.

How does this feel?

Then re-introduce your other foods one by one in a controlled way. Test the response in your body. If you suddenly notice that you can’t walk past the cake shop an hour later then that food is probably to blame.

2.      Get in some replacements

Trying to go from eating many sugary, carby foods to clean eating is very, very difficult. I tried for years and couldn’t crack it.

Here’s what I did.

Get some 85% Green and Blacks or other similar dark chocolate.

Eat only 8 squares a day. This will allow you to detox from your daily sugar fix in a controlled way. I still eat 8 squares a day because it is really, high in polyphenols, which helps boost your mitochondrial function.

Mito – what? This is the energy source in your body.

Let me know how you get on with this and I’ll post your responses in my blog Darren Pyefinch PT

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