How to lose weight quickly

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Weight Loss

How to lose weight quickly

I work in a gym as a personal trainer and health coach. I often get asked how to lose weight quickly…

The truth is that whilst it is possible to lose weight quickly…the real focus should be on sustainable fat loss down to medically approved levels rather than just weight loss.

Here are my top 6 tips on how to lose fat safely.

  1. Get yourself tested. You can’t test what you don’t measure. Invest in a clinical-grade test to see exactly what your true muscle, bone, 3 fat types (subcutaneous, visceral and IMAT), cortisol and chronic inflammation levels are. A cheap pair of scales will be totally inaccurate. I recommend these 3 tests only. A Dexa scan (£150-£200, a BioTekna test £75-£100, or an Inbody 770 phase Angle test. The rest aren’t accurate at all.
  2. Once you know your true numbers then identify the areas to work on. You may have muscle mass at 35% and IMAT (type 2 diabetes biomarker fat) at 2.7%. If this is the case then you really need to reduce your IMAT to safe levels below 2% and increase muscle mass to above 40%.
  3. Start cooking all your food from scratch and take 20 minutes to eat each meal. This is the most fundamental mistake most people make. They focus solely on calories in/out. Don’t worry about calories. Just eat good quality food you have cooked yourself slowly until you are 80% full. Leave the rest of the plate once you start feeling full. Next time you’ll cook less trust me!
  4. Visualise how you want to feel and look. If you have a dress/shirt you want to get it then hang it up somewhere to see and imagine getting in it. Start gradually though. Just have one a size below your current one.
  5. Have a high protein breakfast to set yourself up. Eggs are great (omelettes, frittatas) and mackerel are perfect breakfasts. Ditch the breakfast cereals and especially the toast!
  6. Work with a qualified personal trainer who understands nutrition and the science behind inflammation. They will keep you accountable and help you change your mindset to have sustained health benefits.

Above all be kind to yourself and accept it’s a marathon, not a sprint. If you happy inside your weight will get to its natural healthy level.

Depending obviously on your initial test, if you are at least 10% overweight and if you follow all of the tips above you should lose a stone of fat in 1-2 months. I regularly do this with clients.

If you’d like help then or want to get tested, contact me here or call 07872 615882 now.

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