How to beat your 5K time

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How to beat your 5K time

How do I get a faster 5k time?

I get asked this question a lot.

It is a really big deal for a lot of people – there is nothing better than looking back at your best result ever!

Having had a long background in software testing I’ve tried applying the same discipline to getting my clients running faster.

I analyse the key variables and attempt to tune it to your max output.

Here’s how I do it.

1. Run faster…. obviously, this is the first place to start.

Do 1k intervals at a pace faster than your best 5k pace. For example, if your best time is 25 mins then you are running 5 min k’s. Run 5 x 1k intervals at 4:30 min k’s with 1 min walking recovery in between.
To be honest, as long as you consistently do this you will get faster.
Most PTs stop here…. I don’t! This is just the start.

2. Motivation…. How bad do you want this 5k??? 

Consistency is something I always struggled with when training. Some people are great at training the same time every week. I’m not. Why is that?
Am I lazy?
Maybe you just don’t know how to prioritise properly. I teach this and make achievable plans rather than plans you ignore after week 1….
I delve deeper into how you can access ‘the zone’ when you need to….

The ability to take massive action is what will get you there.

3. Health 

No matter how much you want it and how great your plan is – if you aren’t firing on all cylinders in your body then it won’t happen. I look at weight, energy levels, nutrition, sleep and many other factors.

Does this all sound like overkill? To some people yes it is. To some people though once they’ve achieved the fastest they’ll ever go at 5k they realise how powerful this training really is.

What else could this apply to?

Your more rewarding career and much bigger salary….
Your health and feeling generally, most of the time….
Looking good and fitting into the clothes you’ve always wanted to….

The sky really is the limit and I’ll run through walls to get you there as long as you want it too.

See you next week for more tips on becoming a better you.

Give me a call on 07872 615882 if you want a coach who will go the extra mile to get you faster.

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