Getting to your optimal weight

optimal weight
Weight Loss

Getting to your optimal weight

Hi, I’m Darren Pyefinch, a Personal Trainer and Certified Bulletproof Coach.

I help people get into shape in the gym using the latest scientific techniques. More importantly, you’ll feel great and have a good time.

I’ve included a case study of one of my clients, who is happy for me to use her story. I don’t airbrush the process and show you exactly what happened.

You’ll notice that fat loss isn’t an exact science but it’s important you measure it accurately.

I hope you like her story and I’d love to work with you too.


Colette contacted me looking to get into shape and lose some weight.

She booked a 1 hour taster session for £45 which includes a Phase Angle test and some personal training.

The test is really easy where you lie down for a minute with clips on your hands and feet like below.

metabolic testing

The results of the test indicated she had 12 kg of fat to lose to get back to normal levels, Chronic Inflammation, HPA Axis Flat Low, Bone and Muscle both normal, IMAT 2.8.

We agreed a 24 week plan to reduce the fat back to normal levels.

Plans that promise quicker reduction times are not realistic because the NHS guidelines are to lose an average of 0.5kg per week (12kg * 0.5 = 24 weeks)

The exercise consisted of HiiT cycling, boxing, weights, core exercises and sprinting.

Her nutrition was monitored daily.

What happened?

As you can see from the figures in the chart she has lost 8kg in weight so far, only 4kg to go.

The important thing to note is the fat loss. This is a massive 7kg (1 stone). The muscle and bone dropped initially which is normal. This then stabilised and proportionally is really good.

Colette remarked

‘I’m never hungry any more and feel great. I can get into dresses that I hadn’t been able to in years!’

Also, her IMAT (internal muscle fat) has reduced from 2.8 to 2.6. This is a big step in the right direction. Over 2.9 is a strong indicator that Type 2 diabetes is close.

Why don’t you treat yourself to an early Xmas present and have a life transformation?

Have you decided your health is more important than a present?

I’m doing a crazy deal where if you sign up to 2 months you get the next level up free.

This means if you select Bronze (2 sessions per week) you get upgraded to Silver (3 sessions per week). This also applies from Silver to Gold (4 sessions per week).

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