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4 Week 'Get in Shape' Masterclass

Sign up now and join our 4 week x 90 minute 'Get in Shape' Masterclass online group, where we guide you through exercise, nutrition and mindset, and we'll ensure you'll lose weight end up in the best shape of your life.

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What is it?

No ordinary exercise class

It's a weekly 90-minute Zoom call every Monday 7 pm-8.30pm BST, where the first 30 minutes is a group fitness class to get burning fat. We then coach you for 60 minutes and give away our top secrets on how to lose weight and get into shape for life.

Meet Your Coaches

Darren Pyefinch & Jo Rawlinson

We're both Level 3 personal trainers specialising in weight loss & rapid fat burn techniques. Darren, the founder, is also a qualified hypnotherapist and Bulletproof coach using cutting-edge biohacking techniques to remove those blockers sabotaging your success.
Vibrant Fit Coaches
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How it works

Each week you'll get

  • First: 30 minute group fitness coached on Zoom
  • Next: We coach you how to lose weight, and get in the best shape, physically and mentally, of your life.
We then spend the next 4 weeks on the Zoom course helping you to get slimmer, fitter and healthier. You don’t just get 90 mins per week You get access to our private Facebook group where we answer your nutrition questions like “What should I have for breakfast? Or How many calories do I need to drop half a stone in 4 weeks?

Meet the App

The Vibrant Fit App

You’ll get 4 week’s access to the unique Vibrant Fit app. This app will tell you your true biological age. It will tell you how you measure against 100000’s of other people in terms of:
  • Weight
  • Fat mass
  • Muscle
  • Cardio ability
  • Core strength
  • Resting Heart Rate
  • Blood Pressure
Vibrant Fit App

What’s unique about the masterclass

  • Week 1: What nutrition to try and why. We reveal what actually works and why everyone is different despite what the ‘experts’ say. We explain why testing your mind & body is essential. No-one else in the industry is doing this… yet.
  • Week 2: What are the best exercises to do at home. How long is optimal.
  • Week 3: Mindset techniques to stop those cravings. How to train yourself to be a fat-burning machine and to stop constant overthinking
  • Week 4: How to stop all of the weight returning, how to increase your sleep and increase your energy.

Bonus: You also get access to the Vibrant Fit App which gives you:

  • Your metabolic age – are you old or young for your age?
  • A leaderboard so you can compete against everyone in the group
  • Weekly exercise planning that you can do at home

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Decisions Decisions ...If you

Not convinced yet? Give us a call

If you're not sure about how to complete the form, or have questions, give us a call us on 01908 973978 and we can have a chat about what’s on your mind, and find the right program for you. A program that works and helps you build the healthy lifestyle that you are looking for. It's FREE so you've nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Request a FREE Consultation

Simply chose your preferred date and time for your consultation, and we will call you on your chosen day and help you create your 3 Step Success Plan.

Step 1. Decide On Your Goals

For success you need to know what it is you want to achieve. By creating a plan that takes into account your needs, fitness levels, and goals, we can design a training plan that will work.

Step 2. Make It Happen

We will be with you throughout the program to show you the exercises, help you use the equipment and to adapt the program to keep you safe from injury and motivated to succeed!

Step 3. Support & Evaluation

We will monitor your progress and make sure that the program is working for you. We will make any adjustments required to ensure you not only achieve your goals, but exceed them!

Success Stories

This Can Be YOU!

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Increased muscle mass
Before & after Joanne lost 10.5 kilos of fat


Joanne asked me to help her get into shape and get her energy back. As an accountant, she is a desk-bound, sedentary job and not getting enough exercise. Her starting weight was 75kg. She is now down to 63.5kg and has lost 10.5kg!. See the before and after to see the difference!

Matt before & after fat loss


Matt used to play rugby at a high level but got injured. He wanted to get back to his old self. He started at 123kg and is now 102kg. This is a 3 stones drop! Look at his shape now!


A consultant at PWC, Mark was a regular gym goer, but his waistline was still expanding. Vibrant Fit helped him lose 12kg, while get fitter and lifting more weights. Mark says “Darren’s holistic view from nutrition, supplements and challenging exercise routines have proven invaluable.



Over the course of the past 24 months Sam has done extremeley well and has lost 2 stones in weight. Look at the difference!

Gary. Chairman at Investigo


Gary says: I’ve used a few personal trainers over the years and Darren is head and shoulders above the lot of them. First of all his approach is highly personalised – and from the initial meeting you take confidence from his thoroughnes and intelligent use of scientific data. the sessions are varied and fun – and he has an uncanny knack for knowing how to get the best out of you… The most important thing of course is that Darren gets results and I am much better informed about how to live my life. I started the year at my heaviest weight (219 pounds) and as of writing I am 194 pounds. I would still like to shift another 10 pounds so the journey continues. On a personal note, he’s a really good bloke – and his positive attitude and encouragement is inspirational. It will be no surprise that I recommend him in the strongest terms.

Adam Bee: Solution Architect at Charter Hall

Darren has made me think differently about my running by introducing me to new ideas and approaches I’d not ocnsidered before. Once we agreed on a training plan, Darren actually trains with me to nail it, rather than me having to guess whether I’m implementing his advice correctly. I’ve seen a big improvement in my 5K PB from 26 mins down to 22.34 by following the training improvements Darren has prescribed. I’d recommend Darren because he is a no-nonence coash that tells it how it is and is able to motivate me to achieve results I didn’t think were previusly possible.

I contacted Darren as I need help to re-energise, lose weight and re-focus. Darren worked with me and delivered a personlised package that really helped me. The results were fantastic. I couldnt quite believe it. I continue to use his methods everyday now. I would thoroughly recommend giving him a try to help you. I think they key difference between Darren and others (and there are lots of others) is he’s been through it done and wants to genuinely help you and share his knowledge. I gave him a try and it worked for me.
Neil Sinclair
Darren has really helped me, not only in terms of fitness and nutrition but also in the mentality side of of looking after your body. He is full of wisdom and knows the right questions to ask to keep you on your toes! I would happily recommend his expertise to anyone looking to improve there game, on or off the court. Thanks a bunch Darren, your a legend 🙂


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