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Online Fitness Training

Online Fitness Training Classes – How it Works

The Why & How of Taking an Online / Virtual Training Fitness Class Thinking of taking an online / virtual fitness class at home using your phone, tablet or laptop via Zoom, but not sure what’s involved? HERE’S WHAT YOU …

Run Coaching Milton Keynes

Run Coaching in Milton Keynes

Smash your running target fast! A faster, better, holistic approach to running fitness. …

executive fat burn on CAR.OL exercise bike

Fast, Effective Fat Reduction

Burn fat fast in just 9 minutes x 3 times a week and DOUBLE your fitness. …

Online personal trainer Zoom

7 Reasons Why You Need An Online Trainer

Who needs a personal trainer? Aren’t they for celebrities, wannabe athletes and posers? …

Darren Pyefinch Team GB Duathlon

Competing in Team GB Triathlon

How I competed for Great Britain Agroup Triathlon. One of the proudest moments of my life has been competing for Great Britain 4 times. …

Kaatsu bands workout

Get toned with small weights

At Vibrant Fit we use KAATSU bands that trick your brain into producing as much growth hormone & testosterone as heavyweights in a gym do. This means you’ll tone up faster and burn fat. …


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