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Biotekna body analysis test

Are you wanting to improve your Health, yet struggling to do any of these; lose weight, keep your fat down, or gain muscle? Perhaps you may also be feeling tired a lot of the time? Have you followed calorie-restricted diets in the past, yet they either haven’t worked or you quickly returned to your old weight levels?

If you said ‘Yes’ to any of these then, a simple Biotekna Body Analysis test can help you.

The reasons why you are having a challenge achieving your health goals is usually because of massive imbalances in your body, such as inflammation, dehydration and mineral imbalances. Any of these imbalances can severely restrict your progress you are seeking and you aren’t even aware these imbalances are working against you, 24/7!

Biotekna Body Analysis test helps with body fat

There is a solution to recognise any barriers you have through a simple, cost-effective, unintrusive test that is conducted with nodes connected to your hands and feet. This test is called a Biotekna Body Analysis test. What’s even better, is this test will also provide you with an accurate measurement of your body fat composition, bone density, muscle mass and so much more.

This Biotekna Body Analysis test will give you all the information we need to accurately understand your true starting point with your health and any imbalances we need to address to remove these barriers for a better health.

I spent many years having weight problems going up and down. I also struggled with aches, pains, and eventually depression.

Despite this, I performed regularly for amateur Great Britain Age group triathlon exercising 15-20 hours a week – yet my weight went up??

Through years of trial and error I eventually figured out a couple of key points:

  1. I was suffering from Chronic Inflammation and this is often the real reason most people can’t lose weight.
  2. Our DNA, gut and blood are all different, which means we need a personalised approach to give ourselves the best way to achieve our health goals.

There are so many conflicting diets and so much contrary advice that it is bewildering which one to follow. These all offer us a ‘One diet, suits all’ type mentality, however, ‘One Diet doesn’t suit all’ and we each will have a unique response to any diet and exercise that needs monitoring and managing.

What I have done to help myself, and now hundreds of other people, is to offer testing services to figure out what is really going on in your body.

I spent years testing blue-chip company’s software and have applied the same rigour and scientific approach to the human body.

I am a personal trainer and I use a series of tests including the Biotekna Body Analysis test and Heart Rate Variability test to measure your inflammation and autonomic nervous system. I also work with Functional Medical Practitioners who provide professional dietary/supplementation advice bespoke to your body.

This test will tell you your actual body fat measurements including so-called ‘bad fat’ and mineral levels. It will also tell you if your bone density is low.

Table 1:

This shows TBW (Total Body Water) if you are less than 50 then you are dehydrated. This is a key reason why you can’t lose fat.

FM (Fat Mass) over 25% for men and 30% for women is problematic and needs to be back within normal ranges.

BMR is your actual metabolic rate.

HPA Axis shows how well your body is in sync with circadian rhythms. Greater than 3.5 indicates your body is producing the optimal amount of cortisol. Too high or too low will affect your ability to sleep correctly and subsequent health/fat issues.

Table 1.

Biotekna Body Analysis test

Risk factors that need addressing.

Chronic inflammation that is too high causes disease such as high blood pressure, depression, anxiety and more serious cardio/metabolic syndromes.

Low bone density can eventually lead to osteoporosis (brittle bone disease)

Calorie restricted diets can lead to this if not carefully managed.

TBK (Potassium). If this is low it indicates insulin resistance. This is the inability of your body to produce enough insulin to move the blood sugar to your cells. If you have blood sugar hanging around for too long it can eventually lead to type 2 diabetes and nerve damage as well as the dreaded muffin top/moobs/fat gain.

For my Personal Training clients, Weekly testing, allows us to best manage changes and shows progression. However ‘Everyone’ should have this test done at the beginning of changes they want to make to their health, so they know their starting pointing and the best way to achieve their health goals.

Once you have started your new programme, we recommend testing monthly (Quarterly at the very maximum)

In this diagram above my client saw the Weight drop, Fat mass drop from 19.6 to 16.7 (2.9 kgs of pure fat, the size of a football!!)

Biotekna Body Analysis test Report

The test involves the following:

  1. No food, drink or exercise for 2 hours before the test.
  2. Take your current weight and height
  3. Lie down whilst I put silver electrodes on your hands and feet (remain clothed)
  4. Run the test (you won’t feel a thing it is in tiny electrical millivolts). The test takes less than 5 minutes
  5. I analyse the results, give you a full report and offer recommendations.

Would you like a Body Performance test to empower you to take back control of your health goals?

You can have this test done, complete with a full report, and debrief with myself Darren Pyefinch for £35

The test, report and debrief with Darren will take no more than 30 minutes.

To book this test, simply click on this link, then choose ‘Book NOW’ then choose ‘Total Body Performance Test’.

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