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Been there done that got the Team GB Tshirt

Darren has helped dozens of previuosly overweight, unhealthy people get their energy back and be happy looking at themselves in the mirror again.

Darren Pyefinch - Head Coach

Personal Trainer @ Vibrant Fit

Darren used to weight 17 stone and smoked heavily. Following a 'wake-up call' brush with his health needing a hospital visit, he decided to change his life and get in shape. He hired a Triathlon coach and eventually represented Team GB at the Duathlon World Championships in New Zealand, finishing 37th in the World for his age group.

Why you should train with Vibrant Fit

I started Vibrant Fit five years ago to help people get into amazing shape. I was a heavily overweight software tester who struggled to consistently get trim. When I discovered that there is no right way but only that everyone is different, this was revolutionary for me.

My goal is simple – to use a combination of optimum nutrition and lifestyle changes to help you improve your health and your emotional wellbeing. In short – to live your best life ever!

I’ve helped hundreds of people to get their energy back, to look good in the mirror again and to feel happy. This was the experience of just a handful of them –

  • Bruce lost 14kg of fat and now looks great.
  • Matt was an ex-rugby player who got injured. He has now lost 21kg.
  • Sam cleared up skin conditions and lost 8kg of fat.
  • Joanne lost 9kg and can see her abs.
Before & after Joanne lost 10.5 kilos of fat
Joanne asked me to help her get into shape and get her energy back. She started at 75kg and is now down to 63.5kg. She lost 10.5kg!
/ Accountant
Matt before & after fat loss
Matt used to play rugby at high level but got injured. He wanted to get back to his old self. He started at 123kg and is now 102kg. This is a 3 stone drop!
/ Rugby Player


Bruce was a regular gym goer, but his waistline was still expanding. Vibrant Fit helped him lose 14kg, while get fitter and lifting more weights.


Sam cleared up a problem skin condition and lost 2 stones of fat with an improved diet and exercise.

Still not convinced?

Fitness Coaching That Works

Here's  the Vibrant Fit personal training approach compared with other personal trainers, mainstream gyms, bootcamps, nutritionists, and dieticians.

Personalised Exercise

Only a personal trainer like Vibrant Fit provide a totally personalised exercise plan.

Personalised Nutrition

Unlike others who tell you what to eat, if at all, we provide personalised nutrition coaching.

Gut Inflammation Test

Only Vibrant Fit provide gut / chronic inflammation / hormone testing for weight loss & health.


Only a personal trainer , such as Vibrant Fit will provide the level of support you need to succeed.

Community Support

Some personal trainers, like Vibrant Fit, and bootcamps provide community support.

Trackable / Gamified

Vibrant Fit use online trackable, science led and gamified exercise equipment .

Price Comparison

Prices vary across the board, some /session, others /month. We start at £89 per 4 weeks.

We've rewritten the rule book on how to get fit

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